Eyeballs and Elbows

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — The title above is not exactly how the phrase goes. However, you will understand my twist once you read more. Do you remember this picture below from our past? Jayne Mansfield used to dress provocatively publicly in order to attrack attention from the media. I would say that her tactics worked just fine and dandy here. Sophia Loren was having a quiet, pleasant dinner until Mansfield “attacked” her table.

This is the full picture of the incident. Jayne Mansfield did not exactly dress in a child-friendly manner in public. My warning would be to put all women and children to bed (well, at least all children) once Mansfield entered the vicinity.

Sophia Loren eyeballs Jayne Mansfield.

Sophia Loren eyeballs Jayne Mansfield.

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