Super Bowl Weekend

I don’t know about y’all, but I am ready for Super Bowl weekend. UPDATE: Since I posted the Wild Card schedule a few weeks ago, we are now heading toward Super Bowl weekend which has the Carolina Panthers meeting the Denver Broncos. Both teams were the number 1 seeds in their conference. So, this should be an excellent Super Bowl. I do not know what is coming up this weekend; I just know that I am looking forward to some football. Here is the Wild Card Schedule:

And then… what is going to happen to coach Sean Payton in the future? Where will he coach next season? UPDATE: Coach Payton held a press conference on January 6th to announce that he is staying in New Orleans. Thank God!!

NOTE: I am currently writing a story about the time I slapped the wig off of the head of one of my managers at work. The hearing panel in my case subsequently gave me three choices that I had if I wanted to keep my job. I will publish the story here soon about the choice that I made. You will enjoy it.

Meanwhile, the New Orleans Saints have ended the season by giving us some hope for next year. The Saints put up some pictures from this seasons’s last game. In fact there is talk that this might be coach Sean Payton’s last game as a Saint.

UPDATE: I do not know why I missed Sean Payton’s interview yesterday, but I am reading early this morning (1/7/16/em<) that Payton has decided to stay. I was not ready for Payton to depart, and thus have a whole-sale makeover of the team. Thank you, coach Payton for staying longer. Now, let's address your stubborn, pig-headed use of running-back Mark Ingram whom I would only use in situational circumstances. My starter would be Tim Hightower; or even draft a new big-name running back. Come on, Payton, wake up about Ingram.

More on Mark Ingram below because the team played more vibrantly and looked better once Ingram was hurt at the end of the season, and missed the last games.

Where was I? What did I do for my birthday?

paula pound

Ferdie Werdie, honey, where are you?

Yes, where was I? Often on my birthday, friends and loved ones have to put out an APB in order to find me. I like to hide away for my birthday because my new age always hits me hard. Last week I said, I might drive to the Gulf Coast to the edge of the world in order to hide out. I can lie on the beach #InMourning until this #Hamlet tragedy (my birthday) passes. UPDATE: I will post a video of what I did on the night of my birthday. Coming soon! You will like it.

I also said, “It took everything that I had in me to get through Christmas, and now here comes this Shakespearian tragedy (my birthday). I am drained from all the Christmas gloom and doom of the last two days. I am needing the #HappyNewYear!! Meanwhile, on my birthday I feel like it is THE END!!” Thus, I sang these words.

And now, the #END is near
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I’ll say it clear
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain
I’ve lived a life that’s full
I traveled each and every highway
And more, much more than this, I did it… MY WAY.

I want to say this to Anne Hathaway: You geaux, girl!! I love the picture.

I am seen here with my brother’s son at his cousin’s graduation in 2014. Last month, I talked with him at a Christmas Eve party while he was in town. He and I spoke for a long time.

I am very happy that Herman Cain posted the below tweet. Why in the heck do you, POTUS (Barak Hussein Obama), want to throw people further into the IRS trap when you claim that your law is written to help people? It is nonsensical to me.

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