Pork Loins Plate #2

My “ex” is sitting on the sofa talking on the phone as I write this. She has no idea that I am writing about her. Hahaha… I am trying to build up the courage to ask her for a second plate of pork loins. I’d better not push my luck. Usually when I lick my plate clean like that, she gets the hint and offers me more. Also, Carl and Milton (see below) reminded me about the good times we all had when my children were infants.

I waited long and patiently. Finally my “ex” gave me seconds on the delicious pork loins. Wait by the banks of “the river of life” long enough and the Good Lord will provide.


Plate #2

Carl Delery (my brother) wrote: FERD, I would expect you and many others to question my mental state if I were to start posting pictures of “me and my #ex-wife” on Facebook. I’m wondering what #you’re thinking at this very moment: “Oh I wonder what life would be like if only me and the #redhead … ; or me and the #redhead were such … ; etc.

Well, Carl, you are correct that “many others” are questioning my mental state concerning my posting of pictures of me and my ex-wife on social media. Maybe it is possible that I have rocks in my head.

Also, my ex-neighbor Milton and many friends used to come to many parties by our (my wife and I) house. He remembers my daughters before they were even crawling. They (the crew) often visited my wife and me: Karen, Marvell, many others. Carl used to come for card games almost every Saturday. Coincidentally, guess who just cooked and fed me that fine dinner at my daughter’s house. YES! Hahaha…. A few seconds ago, that “was” a big plate of pork loins, greens and gravy. I would take Red’s picture right now, but she would surely break my phone and my neck :).


Plate One

P.S. I am doing fifteen minutes of stand-up at the Neutral Ground Coffee House on Wednesday. I will let y’all know how I make out.


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