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Ate Whole Thing

I have to study the below tweet to find out the validity. So much was made of Prince William’s gracious invite to Harry and Meghan to join him and his wife in honoring the Queen. Was it a genuine olive … Continue reading

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The Elephant In The Room

GAZETTE (Aug. 26, 2022) — In 1945, Vivien Leigh portrayed Cleopatra for Hollywood in the movies. 18 years later, Elizabeth Taylor revised the role for Hollywood. I will watch the Vivien Leigh version this afternoon to compare the two movies. … Continue reading

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Pork Loins Plate #2

My “ex” is sitting on the sofa talking on the phone as I write this. She has no idea that I am writing about her. Hahaha… I am trying to build up the courage to ask her for a second … Continue reading

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