Me and Women

Women often say about me, “He’s-a no do the right thing. He’s-a some lousy rat-fink basset.” This is said here in an unknown foreign accent… unknown to the reader. I know what foreign accent it is.

Me… when I was skinny, in my skinny days? Just a thought!

Question: To my brother, Carl >>Do you remember the days back when I was skinny… possibly, in our Paris Ave. days? Was I that guy in the picture?

Question #2: Now-a-days, what would I prefer? A teenie bit of #romance with a pocket full of #money; or hot, committed romance with my money flying out of my pockets. My answer…

Question: What would I prefer? My answer…

Me and women.

I “runs” (as the natives say) with a woman or two. However, it is like the RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE trying to get me to treat them to much more than a two-piece of Popeyes chicken and a roll.

In January: Beauty and Biden

I flipped to watch LET’S MAKE A DEAL and caught Joe Biden and Jill walking into their home… the #WhiteHouse. Hallelujah and praise God!! I had been avoiding inauguration day news, and got “tricked” into seeing the most beautiful sight my eyes could behold: yes, President Joe Biden entering the White House.

Do Sundays count in Lent?

Technically, the Church does not obligate us to fast on Sundays. However, the Sundays during Lent are still part of the Lenten season. Choosing to continue your Lenten sacrifice on Sunday is a personal choice.

HELL TO THE NO!! The RAMS traded Jared Goff to DETROIT for Matthew Stafford. This makes no sense to me. I have to study this move… and the SAINTS keep Taysom Hill. That should have been the trade, Taysom for Stafford.


For some reason I like the picture below. I believe it is good for my health.

Oh God!

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