With Election Near, A Tax Story


#HorrorStory: #heavyweight #champ #JoeLouis was charged by the IRS 90% of his earnings in his boxing years. Except for help from other celebrities in his final years (Frank Sinatra for one), he would have died a broken, poor man on welfare. It’s his own mistakes, of course, I am sure; but he could never catch up. The IRS even charged him and put him into collection for 90% of his earnings when he donated his entire gates to charity from exhibition fights while he was in the military. There are many more stories like this. #HermanCain’s 9-9-9 tax plan is the closest thing to fair and equal that has ever been proposed, except:  once, temporarily to earn revenues during the #CivilWar; then again, 20 years later which was subsequently ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Income tax in the 16th Amendment was finally ratified by the states in Feb. 1913. I do not feel that Americans have been truly free ever since. I believe that Americans are free only when they can earn their money freely. One solution, like Cain said, is that the government should tax our spending more so than our earnings; or equally. Luxury items should be taxed higher than necessities. Thus, I can understand a 9% flat income tax in conjunction with a federal sales tax. Let a human being bring home his earnings. Allow men to be free. Then, tax them …on how they spend their money. Didn’t Lincoln have to remind us that this country was “conceived in liberty” ..?

A new nation: conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

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