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My Pending Book

Ferdie (Dec. 10) — Here below I enter my recent scrolls which I will publish soon to my Delery Gazette, then in my book. I will edit these scrolls here. What I post here is unedited. I edit it here … Continue reading

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Good God!!

Is this fair? Should God allow my eyes to see this fine “thang” looking so good. I wonder if I ever met Beyonce in person would there be some sexual vibes between us. If we met would some magic kick … Continue reading

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Dominique Batiste Wins Award

From: Ferd (@ferdiewerdie) Sent: Sun 8/11/13 10:55 PM To: Teams in My League Cc: delerygazette@hotmail.com by Ferdie Werdie Yahoo! awarded its Best Draft Award 2013 tonight after a totally heated, knock down, dragged out draft this evening. My daughter Dominique Batiste flat out swiped … Continue reading

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I Love Olympics Track and Field

Ferdie Werdie …NEW ORLEANS (Gazette)– Dang!! Look at this stallion. That’s what I’m talking about. In my opinion, my legs and stuff are buffed up and fine like that (in a masculine way of course) :). I just have to … Continue reading

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