Blood Thirsty

Here is more. I dedicated this to my Mother’s Day thoughts. My brother, Carl in New Jersey, and I were reflecting that day on loved ones (past and present) and what they truly mean to us. The time got late, and my mind got foggy. Some of my brain cells started to snap, crackle and pop. While in that “fuzzy-math” condition I wrote Carl the loving, little note below. I have not heard from him since. As usual, he probably put a little distance between us for now because he does not want to claim me temporarily with respect to the snap, crackle and popping. J/K .. Anyway, here is my loving note to Carl and ya’ll:

Carl, you and I couldn’t grow up to be anything but Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday (blood-thirsty and wired) with that Jean Lafitte blood flowing thru our veins. Yes, there are all those nuclear DNA strains mixed up in there: daddy, both grandpa’s, Uncle Louis, Uncle Bay, Uncle Wallace. Dang ..I’m shocked we haven’t cleaned up any wild west towns yet, or had any of our own legendary OK Corral incidents yet. What a nuclear mixture of elements! 🙂 We are almost like the Avengers; and Alan is right there with us. He is off the hinge too; he’ll bite your head off in a minute. 🙂

Yes! Over the Mother’s Day weekend, I was seriously reflecting with Carl and other relatives about Mother’s Day and the meaning and memories of family (gone and present). I was telling him that I can see much about all of our close loved ones and ancestors in each of my brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. We were talking about what goes into making us who we are. I brought up the DNA element. However, the love of those who raised us, who were there for us and protected us in our formative years goes a long way too into making us who we are today.

An example of that love is a quote that the well-known motivational speaker Tony Robbins dedicated to all mothers on Mother’s Day. I understand well what he is saying:

Tony RobbinsTony Robbins@tonyrobbins 

A mother is a person who, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie anyway.

I know that all of us have experienced this kind of sacrifice from our mothers. That kind of love stays in our hearts and memories all of the days of our lives. These are the kinds of things that I am reflecting about on this special day for our mothers.

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