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My political mantra: Forgive me my Republican friends, but (to lay my cards on the table), I rank Republicans somewhere below maggots in terms of creatures I want in contact with my skin. But such haters seem to sense this and stay at arm’s length (as they very much should) when in my company. I had relatives who fought in the Battle of New Orleans (and on the pirate ships of the Caribbean) in the early 1800’s. Red-white-and-blue flows deep within my veins.
Tevis B Vandergriff IVThat’s one hell of a rambling rant that makes no sense.  Oh well, you’re on a roll.

  • Mona LaMothe SmithI get it, Ferd.

  • Ferdie Werdie ‎@Tev >>I have searched and found circumstantial evidence that I am descended from Jean Lafitte. Carl  disputes this; but Jean Lafitte and his pirates w/Andrew Jackson stopped the Brits cold in their tracks and saved America. It’s in my DNA; red-white-and-blue course thru my veins. Obama is today’s Andrew Jackson (stopping the haters dead in their tracks). @Mona >>I see that you, me and Gailstand tall w/Obama.

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  • Tevis B Vandergriff IVI know about Jean Lafitte and Old Hickory, but c’mon Little Ferd, calling Obama the next Andrew Jackson is a stretch.

  • Ferdie Werdie‎@Tev >>Obama is tuffer and more lethal than Old Hickory; he has SEAL TEAM SIX in his hip pocket. Need I remind you? Plus, he has me (the reincarnation of Jean Lafitte). I have DNA dripping in the grass at the Chalmette Battlefield where the Brits were sent running back defeated across the ocean in the Battle of New Orleans. The Chalmette Battlefield is a National Historic Site which drips with my DNA. ME, GAIL, MONA!! We have Barrack “OLD HICKORY” Hussein’s back!! This is America’s last stand against the haters. This is the new BATTLE of NEW ORLEANS!! Hey, Barrack, call in SEAL TEAM SIX if you need to!!!

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