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With Election Near, A Tax Story

Ferdie @ferdiewerdie #HorrorStory: #heavyweight #champ #JoeLouis was charged by the IRS 90% of his earnings in his boxing years. Except for help from other celebrities in his final years (Frank Sinatra for one), he would have died a broken, poor … Continue reading

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Saints Are Coming After Ye’!

Ferdie Werdie ‎10 more games left w/o our vaunted leader, coach Sean Payton. In history, these Bounty Gate suspensions by Roger Goodell of the NFL are a travesty of justice which will live in infamy. We are truly coming after … Continue reading

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Fire Roger Goodell after Lying

Ferdie Werdie #CommissionerGoodell‘s house of cards is finally tumbling as he recuses self from #BountyGate rulings, and asks former Commissioner #PaulTaglibue to step in. I think that Paul Tagliabue (after ruling on the players) should also reinstate Coach Sean Payton … Continue reading

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Binders Full of Women

Ferdie Werdie Last night, Jon Stewart said that Romney calls his #bindersfullofwomen his “titty lists.” I call this another case of “Mitt Romney inserts foot.” Heff is ok with his binders. Like · · Share· I plan to write more … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Will Fire Big Bird

Ferdie Werdie Now, this is funny! Obama sent out the below tweet about Mitt Romney’s promise to fire Big Bird and close down PBS. Is Romney stupid? Did he even realize that PBS and the debate moderator himself were part of … Continue reading

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