Beating A Dead Horse Alive

 Some personalities on the radio in Nawlins have been trying to ratchet down people’s emotions about NFL commish Roger Goodell. Everyone in town wants to personally  serve him a big bowl of “gumbo” or a lovely, delicious beverage when he comes in for the Super Bowl. (see more below) …Based on:


Hosts on many #radio shows in #NewOrleans have been trying to ratchet down the raw emotions of fans who think that it was actually disgruntled former-employees of the Saints who initiated the Bounty Gate scandal. Screams bemoaning “lies” and “rats” abound. The #murderRate is sky-rocketing. Ninety-nine-&-99/100% of the #WhoDats don’t understand how Roger Goodell thinks that he can just waltz into town like nothing happened. Everybody and his mama wants to personally serve him his food ..a big bowl of “gumbo” maybe. They want to serve him some lovely delicious beverages too. They say that coach Bill Belichick of New England was suspended for “Zero” games and he committed fraud. So, where is the justice in suspending Sean Payton for 1 whole year; then, the interim coach and the General Manager both for 6 & 8 games? Plus, let’s take away their draft choices for 2 years, and suspend their best defensive players. Justice?? Why would the commish disembowel a fine, competitive team in such a way; and ruin the whole “brand” of theNFL?

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