Violent Deaths End Hostage Situation

Ferdie Werdie

Algerian government forces attacked the BP gas plant hostage situation and killed Islamists and hostages indiscriminantly. I cannot defend that. Maybe one American hostage (from Texas) was killed in the govt. attack, according to early reports. In one attack, the Algerian forces blew up and shot at vehicles with the Islamists trying to move many hostages to another building at the plant. One hostage survivor said that heads and body parts were strewn about the seen in the aftermath. He said that the government troops killed Islamists and hostages alike.

Algeria hostage situation reportedly comes to violent end, as Clinton calls siege ‘act of terror’

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for an improved counterterrorism relationship with Algeria and ‘all countries in the region’ after an American from Texas was identified as one of the hostages who died at a natural-gas site during a raid by the Algerian military.

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