Me and My Mama

Me and My Mama

I had a grand day on Mother’s Day in celebration of all mothers of the world. I hope that my mom had a lovely, fine Mother’s Day. All you mothers make the world go round.

P.S. (New Orleans) From: Ferdie Werdie >>To Gail (my little sister). I re-read your post below; your comment is magnanimous. You may now climb aboard mama’s bandwagon. I was not fair to “hog” mama to myself. WELCOME ABOARD! UPDATE: You, Gail, have now been upgraded to “onboard” as a true MARIE OUR-MAMA WHO DAT!!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to Marie Cates Delery from her favorite child (Ferdie Werdie)!! Love you, mom!!

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Gwen Vandergriff >>Great picture & a great person…love to you too Ms. Marie…

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Carolyn Demery >>oh you added favorite child. Because I know she did’nt. Hmmm

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Michelle Johnson Delery >>Yeah right….from Alan!!!

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Ferdie Werdie >>I fell asleep watching the Knicks game; but, I thank y’all for the thoughts. Plus, @Alan >>mama half-way likes y’all (her other children) too. Don’t worry; y’all are ahh-ight ..HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all.

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Anita Fredieu-Hightower >>Happy Mothers Day to my cousin Marie and God Bless You.

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Wanda Cook-Delery >>Happy Mother’s Day to Mama Marie !

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Gail Sabathia · Friends with Niki Lewis and 69 others (all except Ferdie Werdie)

>>Happy Mother’s Day to my mama! From one of your other favorite children

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Ferdie Werdie >>LMBO …hahaha!! @ Gail Sabathia >>You are too funny. Marie is MY MAMA! U must have forgotten. I’ll let y’all go by Marie once in a while, but ya’ need to walk lightly in my realm (ME&MYmama). P.S. I sent you the above P.S. explaining that I re-read your comment. Sorry!! You may now climb aboard the bandwagon.

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