Grow Old With Dignity?

On frequent occasions, my daughters have told me that I have to learn how to grow old with dignity. They are too funny! I am not pushing up daisies yet; I’m still breathing and kicking. On Thursday night, while I was out to dinner with her and her mom, my middle daughter told me to “stop flirting” with a certain attractive gal. I am laughing about it right now. A long-haired, pretty-eyed girl who worked at the restaurant kept hawking tourist ideas at me as we walked by the front desk several times. I guess the girl thought that we were tourists.

My daughter said, “Stop flirting, daddy!” Nikki is absolutely funny. First of all, the girl was doing her job. She is a greeter at a New Orleans restaurant on the river in a tourist destination near the French Quarter. She is supposed to push tourist stuff. My eyes must bug out when I see pretty ladies ..which I cannot control. I dunno’; it is innocent. Nikki says that I look at young women like a dog looks at a ham bone. In fact, I thought that the young thang was flirting with me. However, with Nikki’s mom walking right there with us I would be insane to flirt with someone else. That is rude! Plus, I would not want to have my family jewels ripped off right there in the public.

I am actually still laughing about that situation right now, and cannot stop laughing. I get such a “kick” out of my daughters’ attempts to keep me regulated and under wraps when it comes to fine, lovely young ladies. I guess that is what daughters are supposed to do. It is just that I am so “harmless” and “retired” when it comes to the flirting game. However, to be 100% honest, I think that the young, fine ladies cannot help themselves. In my mind, I truly think of myself as 007, James Bond. Yes …Bond; James Bond ..LOL. The ladies pick up on this vibe, and initiate the flirting on their own without any help on my part. My daughters say, “Dad, you need to learn to grow old with dignity.” My question is: “What’s dignity got to do with it?” hahaha.. LOL.

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