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The Morn After Christmas

1 ‘Twas the morn after Christmas, when all thro’ the house, 2 Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; 3 The food is all eaten and my stomach is round, 4 I’m glad that St. Nicholas is no … Continue reading

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Ferdie’s New Cover Song

Giving by Ferdie Werdie: http://t.co/3gG5V2JUbv via @YouTube — Ferdie (@ferdiewerdie) January 20, 2014 Back to Album I tweet me singing this love song b/c I want to get an opinion from my brother Carl: http://t.co/6ERAJZenJv — Ferdie (@ferdiewerdie) January 20, … Continue reading

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Buy Lottery in Florida

Exactly where to buy next Powerball lottery ticket is revealed by location of the current winner of the entire $590 Powerball jackpot. Florida!! I will drive to the closest corner of Florida to me to buy my next Powerball ticket. … Continue reading

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I had a grand day on Mother’s Day in celebration of all mothers of the world. I hope that my mom had a lovely, fine Mother’s Day. All you mothers make the world go round. P.S. (New Orleans) From: Ferdie Werdie … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Hates 47% of Americans

Ferdie Werdie If Mitt Romney wins the presidential election, I will enlarge this picture and hang it on the wall in my den. Why? To remind me every day that the American electorate is dumb enuff to elect him. I … Continue reading

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