Tiffany Coyne Returns to LMAD

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Tiffany Coyne returns today to Let’s Make A Deal after being off for maternity leave. All of her fans are happy to see her back. I sent her the below tweet welcoming her back. I would like to also thank the lovely Danielle Demski for filling in for Tiffany while she was out.

BOSCOVILLE (Gazette) — This morning, I was thinking about a biscuit slopped up with some nice butter and honey. Then a thought came to my mind. SPOILER ALERT: I was just acting silly. I truly meant this Boscoville, Louzianna, post totally in the spirit of a loyal fan.

Someone commented about my post which listed some celebrities who have never responded back to me on Twitter or Facebook; and I wanted to share his comment here. I also listed a few of the celebrities who have actually ever tweeted back to me. I received a comment below that reminded me of someone who does post back to me on Facebook; and it is only fair that I mention him here. He is on the left in the below picture.

Carl and Joan.

Carl and Joan.

Ferdie Delery: Among the celebrities who have graciously responded back to me are: David Hasselhoff, Bree Olson, Ann Coulter, Playboy centerfold Leola Bell, Desi Doll (Paris Hilton/My BFF Show), CNN, WWLTV, on and on.
Then, Carl commented about this. He was correct in his remark, and I felt that I should allow his words here in order for his point to get across.


Carl Delery: Not only the above mentioned have responded back, I even respond sometimes. You should really feel honored, I don’t respond to many posts.

Hope may be on the horizon in the opposition protest situation in the Ukrain. The Ukrainian violence and bloodshed in the backdrop of the Russian Olympics was sure not what Vladimir Putin wanted at all in the midst of his Olympics. It was bad enough that Russian police recently horse whipped the Pussy Riot protesters so early after he released two of them just prior to the Olympics.

Then, for more hope, Obama and the Dalai Lama got together at the White House. Two great men; and two great minds!! I heard that China is upset about the meeting. They will get over it. haha

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