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Festival Season in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Festival season has broken out all over New Orleans. On Friday and Saturday there was flooding and such ugly weather that it felt like a hurricane was hitting the region. Then, on Sunday, I woke up … Continue reading

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Duke is Out

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I was surprised that the Duke Blue Devils got knocked out of the March Madness Tournament in the 1st Round. New Orleans Pelican Austin Rivers who played his college ball at Duke had his bracket messed … Continue reading

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I Run To These Arms

Dominique Batiste shared below photo: on Saturday 3/15/2014 NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — In weekend news! I read the below quote this weekend which “hit home” with me because of some things that I had been thinking about all week. So … Continue reading

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Jessica Simpson Needs a Maid

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Jessica Simpson tweeted about how her mini-dress was so wrinkled when she went out recently. However, she also bragged about how fine her legs looked. In her Instagram photo she said how proud she is to … Continue reading

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Bitcoin CEO Found Dead

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — The Bitcoin tragedy became even more grim with the death (possible suicide) of Bitcoin CEO August Ratke. The 28-year-old American was found dead near her Singapore home last week. This brings to eight the number of … Continue reading

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Mardi Gras Greeting

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Will this early morning Mardi Gras greeting satisfy your desires? Once I leave the house this morning there is no telling when or if I will ever return. hahaha. Have a great day! This is where … Continue reading

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New Orleans Pelicans Are a Farm Team

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Coach Monty Williams of the New Orleans Pelicans needs to be fired. This team has been in last place of their division for the last three years. Does owner Tom Benson have his head stuck up … Continue reading

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The Seat of My Throne

BOSCOVILLE (Gazette) — I loved my sofa. Now, I love my chair. A grand thought came to my mine a few days ago; and the benefits are paying off with many dividends. I thought, instead of spending all of my … Continue reading

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