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Fine Interviews: Jennifer Hale

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I replied with a tweet to lovely Jennifer Hale, the sandy-haired courtside reporter for the Hornets. In the photo above she is interviewing Hornets’ top-pick Anthony Davis. Last night, I so enjoyed watching the Hornets break … Continue reading

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Fifteen Polynesian Virgins

Speaking of the lottery: if I had won $338 million, I would already be living on my new island that I bought for cash. The island’s name would be FERDINAND ISLAND; and I would already be living with the 15 new … Continue reading

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Pope Francis I

This afternoon, I awoke from a nap to the news that the Church has a new Pope. Minutes later, Francis I was introduced to the world; and I heard his 1st speech Historic moment! Note: Pope Francis’ parents are … Continue reading

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The Flyer for the Function

Latest info is at links below. This is the very original flyer. Finalized info is at the links. Back then, people had said they were having trouble clicking to the original Flyer link about the function. So, I wrote it below quickly (w/o graphics) until you can get to … Continue reading

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The Lakers and Me

Ferdie‏@ferdiewerdie1 min @Hornets >>The doggone #Lakers have plopped their butts in a seat to the #bigdance. Plenty games are left, but they sat their big butts at the #8th-Seed position for now. If these guys can hold onto a seat to … Continue reading

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Kim Kardashian: Twice as Nice

Kim looks stunning here. I think that pregnancy is very becoming on her. In the past, before her pregnancy and engagement to Kanye, I thought of Kim as a gold-digger. I was probably mistaken. However, I am the broken man … Continue reading

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Turn Ons for Women

LOL …hahaha. The WebMD article that I linked below says that one top thing that turns on a woman is for her man to wash the dishes. 🙂 I would not have been given the chance to create my daughters if that … Continue reading

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