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That Last Hurricane!

In Re: to My words about the current state of affairs universally, I firstly posted a picture at the link below for you to relate to before you read my words of concern. I promised some of y’all to explain … Continue reading

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Scott Baio was Correct

@ScottBaio >>You got it right. Continue reading

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Who Influenced the Election?

@AnnCoulter Tweeted out who really influenced the presidential election in her opinion. She is wrong in her train of thought because she acts like people who disagree with her have no American voting rights. Actually, three million more Americans voted … Continue reading

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Bush Voted For Obama

Ferdie Werdie NOTE: Since I wrote this article I found out that my source THE DAILY CURRANT is satire and is not straight news. Sorry! Anyway, here is what I wrote: George W. Bush said that he accidentally voted for … Continue reading

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