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Rihanna Pretty Legs

I “likes” my women carrying a little bit of weight. My philosophy is: YOU “GOTS” THEM BIG OL’ PRETTY THIGHS, THEN YOU “CAPTURES” MY ACHING EYES! Hahaha… IMAGES.GOOGLE.COM Image: Rihanna Height, Weight, Measurements And Weight Gain Found on Google from … Continue reading

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Grow Old With Dignity?

On frequent occasions, my daughters have told me that I have to learn how to grow old with dignity. They are too funny! I am not pushing up daisies yet; I’m still breathing and kicking. On Thursday night, while I … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Jackson Square Live Cam

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Dang!! Looks like they shut down the Jackson Square Live Cam for this Super Bowl. So sorry!! Maybe, someone sued for privacy rights violations for being filmed on the Live Cam. Possibly, also, crimes were being … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Hates 47% of Americans

Ferdie Werdie If Mitt Romney wins the presidential election, I will enlarge this picture and hang it on the wall in my den. Why? To remind me every day that the American electorate is dumb enuff to elect him. I … Continue reading

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