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Please click "Follow" to Subscribe/Follow my posts in order to receive an e-mail notice when I post new articles. Plus, I will write stuff that you suggest or like. What I am doing with the posts on my FerdieWerdie Gazette is: listening for the voice of the Lord and seeking the face of Jesus. What I hear in my journey, I will also write about. What guides me in this journey and what I propose for you to do is: Wait on the Lord, and be of good courage ..for He shall strengthen thy heart!

Maria Bello

Maria Bello played an excellent role in the movie THE COOLER. I have to study to see if she was nominated for her portrayal of William H. Macy’s love interest in the movie. She has played other excellent roles in … Continue reading

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Switch Party

Switch #political #party. Continue reading

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Good God!!

Is this fair? Should God allow my eyes to see this fine “thang” looking so good. I wonder if I ever met Beyonce in person would there be some sexual vibes between us. If we met would some magic kick … Continue reading

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Draft of Self Portrait

I am working on my #selfPortrait. I want to leave something for my #legacy. Continue reading

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Pork Loins Plate #2

My “ex” is sitting on the sofa talking on the phone as I write this. She has no idea that I am writing about her. Hahaha… I am trying to build up the courage to ask her for a second … Continue reading

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Look Gift Horse In Mouth

My brother, Carl Delery, asked me several questions recently which I have been trying to answer here. They are fine questions. I also have recently been studying the old adage DO NOT LOOK A GIFT HORSE IN THE MOUTH! Through … Continue reading

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Carolina’s Last Playoff Drive

I could not watch Carolina Panthers’ last playoff drive versus the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. So, I posted it here for posterity and for me to study. 1st and 10 at CAR 31 (1:51 – 4th) (Shotgun) C.Newton pass … Continue reading

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