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Please click "Follow" to Subscribe/Follow my posts in order to receive an e-mail notice when I post new articles. Plus, I will write stuff that you suggest or like. What I am doing with the posts on my FerdieWerdie Gazette is: listening for the voice of the Lord and seeking the face of Jesus. What I hear in my journey, I will also write about. What guides me in this journey and what I propose for you to do is: Wait on the Lord, and be of good courage ..for He shall strengthen thy heart!


A #hurricane is coming, and I am watching for it on the news.

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King Kong

King Kong ain’t got nothin’ on me.

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Horses Raped

I will post a picture later; and I will say something about my opinion then. For now, how can you get more time in prison for raping a horse than many people get for murderimg a human being?

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Some Good Supervisors

Here are several of the excellent supervisors, managers and inspectors whom I worked with at Lockheed. They are among the best whom I knew, and who have passed away. Yesterday, I ran through almost 400 pictures at the Lockheed Michoud … Continue reading

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Video of Video

Oh, Lord. The below video does not show here. You have to click the link to see it until I can figure this out. Check out @people’s Tweet about a cutie pie baby, and laugh: Oh, what a fine … Continue reading

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Melania Trump

#Melania Trump seen here enjoying the #outdoors. Continue reading

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Roger Goodell

The “hit” is in to not watch the Super Bowl. The NFL must pay. Hey, commissioner Roger Goodell, you committed an injustice against the SAINTS. You treat the Big Easy with utter disrespect.

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