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Mark Ingram Wants Out

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Halleluiah! Yes, I am happy that running back Mark Ingram wants to seek a trade from the New Orleans Saints. Coach Sean Payton does not know how to not play Ingram to the detriment of the … Continue reading

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Health And Romance

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — My reported, reputed and conjectured romantic demise has been much exaggerated and ballyhooed. I find it necessary to clarify my vaunted standing with respect to the passage of time as it is related to my “romantical” prowess. … Continue reading

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Testing 1-2-3

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I am testing here the NEW how-to-embed FaceBook posts into my Gazette tool. This attempt may be unsuccessful, and all you will get is a link or a note below. Here goes: …UNSUCCESSFUL. Sorry! So, in lieu of, … Continue reading

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Me Big Chief; Me Got’em Tribe!

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — My War Council (my daughters) and I had a Ferdie Werdie#PowWow recently from which we drew up the following NEW NATION PROCLAMATION: Me Big Chief. I got’em tribe. Got my girls right by my side. I’m gonna’ … Continue reading

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Shut Up, You Lousy BLEEP

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — @Carl, my brother >>Last night I experienced a prime example of what you recently said about male-female communications. UPDATE: There are two sides to every story. The following is only my side of the story. Someone reminded … Continue reading

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To My Brother, Carl Delery

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Carl, I am scraping along today having a busy, rough day. However, when you were in my corner years ago everyone thought that I was a bad Motor Scooter. NOT TRUE!! I was only hanging in … Continue reading

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Dominique Batiste Wins Award

From: Ferd (@ferdiewerdie) Sent: Sun 8/11/13 10:55 PM To: Teams in My League Cc: delerygazette@hotmail.com by Ferdie Werdie Yahoo! awarded its Best Draft Award 2013 tonight after a totally heated, knock down, dragged out draft this evening. My daughter Dominique Batiste flat out swiped … Continue reading

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